The national coverage of Hurricane Sandy was intensive. We heard and
saw lots of discussion about the path and timing of Sandy’s arrival.
Those in the path of the hurricane and the anticipated storm surge
which would accompany it were warned to prepare for disaster and to
evacuate from areas that could be affected.

Most people were unable to visualize the extent of the threat so many
failed to evacuate either because they didn’t accept the severity of
the coming event or because they were rightfully concerned about the
possibility of looting.

The winds and storm surge resulting from Sandy were far greater than
many anticipated with the consequent damage being severe. Despite
having long-term adequate warning few were adequately prepared for
the immediate effects of the storm. Unfortunately, far fewer were
prepared for the aftermath.

This article which was published 11 days later provides only a peek at
the human suffering which has resulted from a dismal lack of preparedness
on the part of individuals, utilities, charities and government. It is
essential to take the lessons provided to heart.

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