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What Self Reliance Succeeds is About



What is about


As you might imagine on the basis of the name of this blog Self- is about self reliance and success – both

personal and business. Our intent is to particularly focus upon

the role of self reliance in helping small and home businesses to succeed.


Self reliance is a simple concept that encourages us to be responsible

for our own needs and circumstances. Accomplishing the feat of

becoming more self reliant can be far from simple and require

intensive planning and functional management.


Our goal here is to provide you, our readers, with reasons why self

reliance is a worthwhile achievement, the encouragement to be more

self reliant and illustrate the ways you can do so. A self reliant person

\could be viewed as a survivalist. Although accurate to an extent,

that is an extreme view which masks the true nature of self reliance.


Self reliance, as practiced by individuals and small and home businesses,

is really a continuum of small positive changes than reduce reliance

upon artificial Potemkin-like support systems and replace them, action

by action, with well-planned real support.


We do not advocate withdrawal from society and becoming isolated from

it. Rather we will encourage you to build the strength and resourcefulness

to fulfill your obligations to yourself, your family, your business and its

employees and to society as a whole.


Who can be more self reliant?


You can be more self reliant. It’s all a matter of degree. With our guidance

you’ll be able to effectively analyze your individual circumstances, determine

where your weaknesses lie and to correct them. Your need for self reliance

can be established by careful and thoughtful analysis and step by step,

easily taken corrective measures.


Why should we more self reliant?


Each of us exists in very different circumstances. That’s why “one size

fits all” programs imposed upon us by large, bureaucratic organizations

such as government and large corporations end up not working for most.

It is only by growing underlying strength on a micro scale that we can

build a strong and free society.


Self reliance is is one of the underlying keys to freedom. As society

becomes less self reliant and, by definition, more dependent, it it loses

its freedom, is subverted to a form of ruling class and essentially becomes

a slave to it. Self reliance, faithfully practiced, is therefore a path to freedom.


Further, circumstances such as weather related disasters, civil insurrection

and political heavy handedness can be thrust upon us with little notice.

Anticipation of and preparation for these circumstances can pay huge

dividends and literally mean the survival of your small or home business

or even your family.


When should we begin to be more self reliant?


The simple answer is NOW! The process of becoming more self reliant

is an on-going one that involves a series of baby steps. It is really easy

and inexpensive to begin and then to make it an ingrained habit of

increasing complexity.


How should we become more self reliant?


Start by reading our Special Report which

is available when you subscribe to our newsletter. Then we’ll be adding

more information on this blog along with references to articles that we

find to be interesting and worthwhile. We’ll be writing in-depth articles

about topics that you have told us are are of particular interest to you.

Please let us know what you want to see covered.


We passionately believe in self reliance, the many real benefits it provides

to individuals and small and home businesses and to society as a whole.


Please join us on the journey.


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Welcome to the Self Reliance Blog

Here you’ll find periodic posts of topics that we find interesting
and potentially useful with respect to small and home business self
reliance. We’ll tell you about the articles we post as well as direct
you to information that we find on the Internet. Please let us know
what you think of our work.

Also please let us know about related topics that you think might
be of interest to others. Thanks for reading.

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Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

The national coverage of Hurricane Sandy was intensive. We heard and
saw lots of discussion about the path and timing of Sandy’s arrival.
Those in the path of the hurricane and the anticipated storm surge
which would accompany it were warned to prepare for disaster and to
evacuate from areas that could be affected.

Most people were unable to visualize the extent of the threat so many
failed to evacuate either because they didn’t accept the severity of
the coming event or because they were rightfully concerned about the
possibility of looting.

The winds and storm surge resulting from Sandy were far greater than
many anticipated with the consequent damage being severe. Despite
having long-term adequate warning few were adequately prepared for
the immediate effects of the storm. Unfortunately, far fewer were
prepared for the aftermath.

This article which was published 11 days later provides only a peek at
the human suffering which has resulted from a dismal lack of preparedness
on the part of individuals, utilities, charities and government. It is
essential to take the lessons provided to heart.

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